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                             Website Updated: 28th October 2012


 ** Many thanks to Sally for sending through the photo of her young blue buck "Eric" (above) looks like he is settling in a treat! **

Great to hear that bunnies who went to Yorkshire and Dorset, are all settling in a treat and are WINNING out at shows - congratulations SARAH!!



 True "Haaskulers (very very rare), Yellows and Blue" will be arriving soon.

Photos will be updated shortly


* Brown/grey baby (14 days old)  pictured above. Just like his daddy "Teddy" Bred through a massive opal doe, I have boys and girls currently available.


Pictured again 11 weeks later, now aged coming 13 weeks old - and are ready for their new homes. I have 2 x boys and 1 x girl available.

 Also available:

Dark Steel Babies (pictured below) ready now:




*Mavis is a blue continental giant doe I produced myself 3 years ago. Now owned by Chris Smith from Great Yarmouth, he tells me that she now weighs a megga 36lbs!!! 


* I was the 1st ever breeder to export 8 rabbits to the South East of Asia to develop a line, that was non-existant in that part of the world - and are housed at the foot of the Kato Mountains.


* I had a lady drive all the way from Russia for a blue doe


** Many thanks to Adele and family for sharing this picture (below), of her brown/grey buck, who lives up to his name "BIG MAC" not even fully grown, and definately growing a treat!

  ** Some of my rabbits previously bred and now in Ireland (below)

 Topaz" another homebred blue doe, now resides in Ireland, with John and family. And he states "She has it all" Topaz is a full sister to "Bla Blue" who I kept on here at my rabbitry.

A classic young doe with so much potential. This makes breeding this outstanding breed worth while.

Pictured Below:


Opal Continental Giant buck, aged 11 1/2 weeks old. With ear length of 18CM




"Dalton now resides in Ireland, seem to have grown into a handsome teenager, and winning on the show table, winning at his 1st show.

 *To find out on current babies in the nest, or rabbits for sale. Feel free to give me a call on my new mobile number: 07450-212264 (anytime)

 Alternatively visit New Arrivals/In the Nest page for more information/pictures

Pictured: Above: Rusty (R.I.P)

Sadly I lost "Rusty" several weeks back, due to old age. Rusty was a stunning rabbit who enjoyed playing around with plant pots, and leisurely roaming the garding, teasing not only the other rabbits, but our dogs too. Like everyone else he was extremely spoilt, and was always the main attraction at our village fete, "guess the weight of the rabbit" Rusty ended up weighing 10.5KG. He special treat was a digestive biscuit he had once a day. R.I.P Rusty, youll be truly missed.


We are a small family run hobby breeder and active BRC member of Pure-bred Continental Giant Rabbits, located on the outskirts of Newmarket, In Suffolk. All my time is devoted to the well-being of care and love for all my animals. I keep my website current to display, well show off, as a breeder what I produce....Quality! Just read up on my guestbook page, to hear wonderful stories upon people I have met since being involved with this loveable giant breed.

I am very lucky to have such a huge area of land, for all my rabbits to run around freely. My profession is racehorse breeding, and as my rabbits are my hobby, I cant keep them all, I do from time to time have rabbits available for sale to fellow breeders or a person(s) who is looking for that special bunny. 

 Pictured Below: My Young homebred Blue doe "Bla Blue" I kept back myself. Sadly I lost this stunning doe, due to Bloat, she will be sadly missed. Her mother is a full dutch import from Holland and her full sister "Topaz" went to A BRC Member/Exibitor in Ireland (pictured at the top of my homepage)

 As anyone can see from my website, I am lucky to have some fantastic rabbits, which have been bred through some superb breeding lines that I myself have imported from Holland,  I am lucky to have what I have, and constant keep my website updated to show new babies/rabbits that I shall run on and keep, or some that may be available.

"Its not quantity, its quality!" 

The colours we try to produce are: blue, black, steel, yellow, brown/grey and opal.

Our Continental Giant Rabbits make great pets, either indoors or outdoors. They are very well mannered, handled daily and are bred for their type as well as their placid/docile tempermants. Which tend to be passed on to their young. All Babies are handled on a regular basis and are very tame.

*Pictured Above: Brown/grey buck "Teddy", aged only 12 months old (in the photo) with ear length of 22cm.

Like father like son........... "Teddy's" current babies pictured top of website, and below:

At only 14 days old. Watch this space to see how they grow.


              Our colours that we have at the moment are: Blue, Opal, Black, Light Steel, and Yellow which can be seen in our Meet Our Rabbits page. Some of which have been imported by myself from top breeders in Europe, who have had 30 years experience within the breed.

Our Continental Giants are part of our family as well as our pets. Their not just kept in hutches, we play a variety of games with them to keep their minds occupied. One of their favourites is to bury treats in holes that they have originally dug, to find, it keeps them amused and you often see them jumping in the air with joy. 

As mentioned above I have a huge garden, therefore all our rabbits get to roam around and enjoy the fresh cut grass and sun to lounge around in daily. I dont believe that rabbits should be locked up.

Our Continental Giants are housed in 8ft hutches that I built myself.  Their bedding consists of fresh woodshavings and barley straw.  I feed them all Allan and page feed products, Junior Excel, Excel Herbalage hay which they all do very well on, it gives them a stunning shine to their coat as well as fresh greens, carrots, Graze on (dried grass) daily and Carrs Entracare which is given in their water approx 3-5 times per week.

All are wormed with Panacur Rabbit wormer, Xeno 450 ivermectin spot on treatment, as well as a coccideosis solution dilluted in their water and are vaccinated against mixi every 6 months and vhd once a year.

             Anyone is welcome along to see my giants and to educate themselves of the giant breed.

*We often have litters available for reservation, see New Arrivals/In the Nest page for more information*

Or please telephone me on 07850562738, for a chat and more information.

Alternatively drop me an email at

PLEASE NOTE: As some people do. I DO NOT CROSSBREED - This breed is kept pure.

" Remember a rabbit is for life and not just for easter or christmas "

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